Hey My Young Dentists
Here I Have decided to write for all of you regarding best options available for dentists after graduation and regarding preparation of gpsc dental exam.
This blog is based on my opinion and research. You can always take another opinion and guide from your respected mentor. If you want me to help you I am always ready to guide you as per My best knowledge.
So many of my students and my juniors told me that they absolutely  have no idea which are options available and what they can do ?
In Clinic setup cost is too much and again waiting period is too long near about 5 years
And in Job maximum salary one will have is near about 10000 rs / Month. Still I must say you are lucky if you have job secured as there is high unemployment rate for dentistry in India.

Here these are some good articles to read regarding that

Increasing Unemployment among Indian Dental Graduates – High Time to Control Dental Manpower

The curre…